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      Coating processing technology has been widely used in paper, functional membrane materials/film/foil, adhesivenew materials (tape/protective film/optical film/sticky labels, etc.), woven/non-woven fabric coil industries.
      Shanghai International Coating & Converting Processing Technology Expo (Short for C+C), is committed to building the largest commercial trade exchange platform for the application of new material products in the global coiled industry, actively promote new material including adhesive materials, functional film, functional paper, metal foil, foam, non-woven fabrics and coil industry such as thin film processing technology progress and development, provide advanced materials, technology and product solutions for the packaging, printing, electronic photoelectric, automobile, medical, food, communication, lithium, photovoltaic, water treatment, composite materials, medical health, industrial manufacturing and other more than 20 industries.
      C+C is held with APFE2018, total scale will exceed 26800 square meters, about 700 exhibitors, is expected to attract more than 25000 professional audience, the large exhibit scale and high quality audience will jointly interpret annual excellent industry event!

APFE2017 Review

      The last expo was successfully held in NECC, Shanghai China during 24-26 May, 2017. Exhibition area was 25,500sqm, attracted around 500 exhibitors, for example:
      Materials: NIPPA, Denka, Sicad, Soken, Flexcon, Polysar, Crown,Sharktape, Yongguan, Jialong, Xiujun, Taichen, V. Himark, Zhanming, Meiyuan, Ahlstrom, BEMIS, NIPPA, Cosmotec, Shengda, Heshun, Bye tech, Nanolink, LuckyFilm, Dongfang Industry, PetroChina, LanPuCheng, Everpoly, DDN, Hechang, DingLi, Xinfeng, Tongli, Wanhua, DM, TTS, KINGLABEL, Loparex, WorldStar, ect
      Coating/Slitting Machine & Accessories: BMB, ESOPP, GUZZETTI, G&A, PNT, CO-TECH, Amo, JS TECH, TPS, Hagihara, Hitachi-hightech, Marubeni, Huaying, A-lumen, Beiren, So-tech, Huayang, Yuandong, Haoneng, Jwell, Geruite, Yongsheng; Advance, BST, PORA, BESA, KASUGA, FUTEC, SIMCO, HOCA, Wintriss, Oxford, Webcon, Laser, Scantech, Vetaphone, GEW, Cobetter; Hadesheng, Furi, Fengri, Kedou, Feixinda, Flyingman, Dayang, Gawan, Huazi, Zhengxian, Zodngoc, Yongsheng, Yulong, Puyi ect.
      Dryer/RTO Machine: Ati group, Spooner, Better, Changmu; TANN, Anguil, ENVI, Eisenman, Megtec, ect.

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