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       “Shanghai International BOPET Film Expo” is the largest and professional film expo in theworld. 「APFE」is successfully held to no.11th since it was invented in 2007. Now, the no. 12th, BOPET Film will be chosen as an independent topic to expand and improve the functional film industrial chain. “Shanghai International BOPET Film Expo” will become the world platform to unite the application of materials and manufacturing technology in the market.
      BOPET Film is a kind of new industrial polymer thin film materials, owning high mechanical strength, superior optical performance, good rigidity, strong toughness, tasteless, non-toxic, heat-resistant, Cold-resistant, GREEN and other excellent characteristics, widely used in coating, compound, aluminum plating, packaging and printing industry. With the progress of technology research, and BOPET film’s application expand many other fields like electronics, optoelectronics, optics, communications, food, beverage, medicine, daily necessities, building, photovoltaic and automotive fields. Thus it can be seen, BOPET film has a great future and market.
      There is a Chinese saying that: Decade of grinding sword. 「APFE2016」accumulate steadily and set up a powerful platform in the industrial of BOPET film in product development, trade cooperation, brand promotion, product procurement and technical exchanges in Asia.

Review of APFE2016

      The last expo was successfully held in NECC (SH) on May 17-19, 2016. Nearly 500 top companies in the world join APFE2016 in a scale of 23,500sq m. Typical exhibitors: NIPPA, SICAD, BEMIS, Emtco, Lucky film, Everpoly, Heshun, Lanpucheng, Wanhua, Shenghe, Fusite, Baihong, Daoming, Dowcorning, Bluestar, Evonik, Loperax, Hico, Yuxi, Xinfeng, BYE Macromolecule Material, Tongli, Tamay, Xilu, Worldstar, BMB, ConQuip, Kensinger, Nordson, GUZZETTI, G&A, CO-TECH, Samheung, BST, PORA, BESA, AMO, HAGIHARA, Hitachi, Marubeni, Sakamoto zoki, Polytech/Huaying, Advanced, Maxcess, A-Lumen, Exalt, Nicely, Beiren, Sotech, Huayang, Far East, Jwell, Zhongke Hualian/Hua Shijie, Haoneng and so on. APFE2016 attracted over 20000 professional buyers and visitors from 30 countries.

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