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Exhibition Product

Exhibition Scope

¡ôPolyester Film products:

      Bopet film, polyester film;
¡ôPolyester film production equipment:

      Bopet film production line, crystallization drying equipment, extrusion machine, casting machine, longitudinal tensile machine, transverse tensile machine, Pulling and rolling machine, slitting machine, screw, melt pump, filter discs, static mixer, metering pump, mold temperature machine, extrusion die , heating roller, cooling roll, mirror rollers, Pulling roller, bearings, coiling system, tension controller, rectifying deviation controller, thickness measurement, defect detection, corona treatment, electrostatic dust removal machine, tensile testing machine, recycling granulator etc.;
¡ôPolyester film follow-up processing equipment:

      Coating machine, laminating machine, printing machine, coating machine, laser machine, curing machine, roll coating, rubber rollers, etc.;
¡ôRaw materials and chemical :

      Polyester resin slice, ink, adhesive, release agent, resin masterbatch, etc;


    APFE as the largest in Asia and the most influence of the international annual expo about the adhesive materials and functional film, mainly show including BOPET Film, industrial adhesive tape, protective film, optical film, foam, release liner. "New ideas, new technologies, new products, new solutions", APFE gethers exhibition, technical exchange and trade cooperation, brand promotion annually to become a world's most influential and largest adhesive material and functional film industry event, which brings the industry's grand annual celebration!


    Based on the adhesive and functional film materials, APFE attracts many excellent enterprise about the self-adhesive label range from countries and regions, including the ndustrial adhesive tape, protective film, optical film, foam, release film. APFE builds an largest communication platform to receive over ten thousand of professional audiences from a dozen countries each year.



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