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About APFE
APFE2018: The 14th Shanghai International Functional Film Expo & BOPET Film Expo
Add£º National Exhibition and Convention  Center, Shanghai, China
No.335 Huaxu Rd. Qingpu District, Shanghai
Date£º May 25-27, 2018
[About APFE]£º ¡¡  The 14th Shanghai International Functional Film Expo; Shanghai International BOPET Film and Technology Expo will be scheduled for May 25th-27th, 2018 in NECC (Shanghai Hongqiao). 26,800 square meters and 1,350 standard booths in the 14th are expected to attract over 650 manufacturers from the global to participate in. Grand exhibition team and international influence will hit a record high!
      APFE was invented by Shanghai Fuya Exhibition Co., Ltd. in 2007, until now, it has 12 years history! The scale 25,500sqm in the 13th consolidate APFE the world's most powerful commercial exhibition in adhesive tape and functional film! In the situation of continuously leading to innovation and development, the 14th will continue to strengthen professional and international exhibition style, will set up the best commercial and technical exchange platform for tape and film industry! 
     Rooted in Shanghai, APFE2018 will step to a higher step pragmatically and steadily to cast new brilliance!
Exhibiton Scope£º

* Backlight/display film: diffusion film, reflective film, lighten film, optical composite film, polarizing film,  membrane micro lens, holographic film and OLED film, etc£»
* Display film: optical protective film, optical sclerosis/scratch-resistant/blast proof and peep / /anti-dazzle/anti dazzle membrane, IMD decoration film, ITO film/conductive film, OCA adhesive tape, etc£»
* Functional film (industrial) : process protective film, insulating film/car film (film), diaphragm, reflective film, graphite heat conducting film, laser film, highlight film, lithium-ion battery diaphragm, insulation film, anti-static film and soft packaging film, etc£»
* Polyester Film products: Bopet film, polyester film, etc£»
* Polyester film follow-up processing equipment: Coating machine, laminating machine, printing machine, coating machine, laser machine, curing machine, roll coating, rubber rollers, etc.;
* Raw materials and chemical: Polyester resin slice, ink, adhesive, release agent, resin masterbatch, etc;
* Production equipment: Bopet film production line, crystallization drying equipment, extrusion machine, casting machine, longitudinal tensile machine, transverse tensile machine, pulling and rolling machine, slitting machine, screw, melt pump, filter discs, static mixer, metering pump, mold temperature machine, extrusion die,roller, bearings, coiling system, tension controller, rectifying deviation controller, thickness measurement, defect detection, corona treatment, electrostatic dust removal machine, tensile testing machine, recycling granulator, etc;
* Coating/cutting/winding/laminating/printing
* Stretch/extrusion/composite
* Control/detection
* Drying/RTO/curing/cooling dehumidification
* Roller/tools

Sponsor: Shanghai Fuya Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Organizer: Guangzhou Zhengya Exhibition Co.,Ltd & Shanghai Fuya Exhibition Co.,Ltd


                        Activities during the same period

 Industiral Forum

    Chinese function film industry Forum¡· Time schedule: 9:30 am -17:00 PM, May 25, 2018 ¡·Meeting room in NECC.
    Chinese Coating industry Forum¡· Time schedule: 9:30 am -17:00 PM, May 25, 2018 ¡·Meeting room in NECC.

 Technical  exchange

    During the exhibition, the organizers will organize various technical communication conferences and workshops to carry out international technology, economic and trade exchanges, publicity and promotion of products. All units are welcome to apply for the holding the forum or share technical idea at the forum.


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